Is your roof missing some shingles? Well, a visual inspection does not have to be risky. In fact, walking on your roof can cause the shingles to break. Thus, it’s always better to keep your feet on the ground. It’s safe and ideal. All you need is a pair of binoculars and a keen eye.  

However, if you don’t know how to check for missing roof shingles, you can always hire an expert roof repair company for help.  

Today, we’re going to talk about missing roof shingles and whether or not you should avail a roof repair or roof replacement.  

Indications of Missing Roof Shingles 

 The rectangular pieces of materials that cover the wooden roof of your house are called shingles. They’re typically coated with asphalt. They help deflect harmful debris and light. They keep out all forms of moisture and wind. A durable roof is also your primary defense against pests, rodents, and birds. Missing shingles enable all types of issues in your house. As soon as you find them missing, it is crucial to replace them.  

Using a pair of binoculars, you should inspect the roof from right to left and bottom to top. Look at every shingle to ensure they’re sitting flat on the roof and are in excellent shape. It is usual for new roofs to lose a couple of their granular asphalt coatings. You should not worry if you discover a couple of granules in the gutters. Unfortunately, it may be time to replace the balding shingles if your roof is old.  

It’s easy to notice if a shingle is severely damaged or missing. You can find a gap, just like a jigsaw puzzle. It will leave a hole in the cover of your roof. If you do find one, you’ll require a roof shingle repair.  

Keep in mind that missing roof shingles enable pests and moisture into your house. It is quite common to notice these issues before you realize your roof requires repair. However, missing shingles are not the only potential causes. It can be hard to get a precise diagnosis.  

Typically, experts determine roofing issues quicker than an average homeowner. Even if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might have a hard time figuring out the case. Once a professional roofing contractor notices a red flag, they’ll immediately fix the issue to avoid major problems.  

An expert roofer can safely and quickly inspect the security of your roofing shingles. They’ll ensure that they are in place securely. Reliable companies also have insurance to handle any errors they may create.  

Replace or Repair 

Replacing or repairing single roofing shingles is one of the simplest approaches to preserve your roof’s integrity. A new roof typically lasts for a lot of years. However, it will not happen if you don’t maintain it properly.  

Keep in mind that a complete roof replacement is pretty expensive. Usually, you don’t need to replace your roof unless a huge part of the roof has become compromised. You’ll need a replacement if your roofing begins to resemble a patchwork quilt.