One of the biggest benefits of having concrete floors is that they are extremely easy to clean. It does not matter what style of concrete floor you have. They all share the same amazing benefits of beauty and low maintenance that will last for a lot of years.  

So, whether you’ve got polished concrete, resurfaced concrete, stamped concrete, or stained concrete, you will never have to work hard to clean your floors again.  

All decorative concrete floor design allows you to maintain shining and clean floors with occasional wet mopping and dry dust mopping.  

Here are several tips to follow when it comes to maintaining your stamped concrete Dallas floors. 

Protecting Your Concrete Floor 

Although decorative concrete floors are simple to clean, there are a few things you could do to improve their performance and protect them. This will guarantee they will have a long and beautiful life. 

  • If your stamped concrete floors become dull or worn in high-traffic areas, you need to reseal them to bring them back to life. Usually, professionals recommend resealing your stamped concrete every 18 to 24 months. 
  • You can use high-quality floor wax on your interior stamped or stained concrete floors for additional protection. 
  • You should not allow water or other liquids to gather on the surface. Immediately wipe up spills. 
  • Whenever spills happen, an immediate swipe with a clean cloth is all you need to preserve its beauty. You should not allow any odor or residue to linger. This includes sticky substances, pet messes, oils, and drinks. 
  • Protect laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and entryway floors using area rugs. These things will help lower dirt and dust being tracked across your home. 

Occasional Wet Mopping 

Wet mopping may be done weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency of use. Because of beverages spills and continual use, a kitchen floor would undoubtedly require more frequent cleaning than a bedroom floor.  

It is not necessary to use soap every time you mop a floor; you can use a wet mop without soap for routine cleaning. Professionals recommend using microfiber mops since they are delicate, effective, and can be washed and reused. 

Routine Dry Dust Mopping 

Dry dust mopping on a regular basis will maintain your floors spotless and gleaming. This may be a daily routine, every few days, or once a week. This depends on foot traffic, the number of pets, or small kids who live in your house.  

Use a microfiber dust mop instead of cotton or rayon for optimal results, because microfiber produces static electricity that attracts dust and filth, so you’re not just pushing it around, but also removing it from the floor’s surface. 

If you notice issues with your concrete floor, the best thing you can do is to contact a professional concrete contractor. It’s always a wise move to address minor issues immediately rather than waiting for them to become worse.  

If you notice small cracks or chips on your concrete floor, it’s best to fix them right away with the help of a professional concrete contractor.