Have you decided that you want to renovate your bathroom? Well, you’ve made the right choice. Oftentimes, the most enjoyable part of renovating your bathroom is the design and planning stage.  

Of course, if you are planning a complete remodel of your bathroom, you are probably going to change the tiles as well. Tile is already an iconic and classic part of most bathroom designs. If you’re planning to do something bold in your bathroom, you’ve got to ensure you consider your tile options as well. 

Luckily, we are here to help. Before you start your bathroom remodel project, here are a couple of tips you can follow for your bathroom tile. 

Think About Your Options for the Grout 

Oftentimes, grout is an extra. However, most homeowners don’t think about them at all. You should not default to white and thin grout lines. You can pick the thickness and color of your grout to add more visual appeal and either downplay or emphasize the design of your tile. Thin grout lines tend to help the tile run together. On the other hand, grout with contrasting colors or thick grout lines helps the shape of the tile stand out.  

Embrace Variation 

There are a lot of sizes and shapes to choose from for your tiles. Though it is ideal to stick to a 2 to 3 shades color palette, it’s fashionable and fun to play with in more various sizes and shapes. You shouldn’t mix up too much and go hog-wild. Typically, it’s fine to use a combination of 2 to 4 various shapes or sizes.  

For example, you may do a modern hexagonal tile on your bathroom’s backsplash and use a combination of rectangular tiles with different sizes in your shower. Then, the floor will have a square tile with different sizes and patterns.  

Keep in mind that you should not forget the tactile experience whenever you are embracing variation. There’s a lot of pleasure that you can get in the look and feel of a tile. Always remember the function when selecting finishes. When it comes to floors, make sure you choose a matte finish since it will be too slippery if you choose gloss finishes. Also, try to combine at least 2 various forms of finishes.  

Stick to a Palette 

Your ideal bet is to pick a palette that you love and stick to it when it comes to color in the bathroom. It does not mean you are limited to one color family if you follow this general rule. Typically, the best palette is 2 to 3 colors. Also, you need to apply it to the entire room, not just the tile.  

You can make the room appear extremely busy if you have 2 to 3 colors for the tile and then a couple of other colors on the finishes, paint, hardware, countertop, and vanity. A wise move is to pick a primary tile color and 2 accent colors. You can utilize these colors for your floor mats, towels, and other accessories.